About me

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About me.

Sawad dee kha.
This is how you say hello in Thailand. My name is Nattakan. You can call me Natta or Dream whatever you’d like. I am from Thailand.
My native language is Thai, so I am not good in English. But I tried to learn from traveler I met and from my boyfriend who helped me to have this website and correct my shit English.
I am a Thai girl who loves traveling and sharing my experiences.
Often I travel alone but you know, I love it. I love adventures and exploring new places.

When travelling I try to spend as little as possible because I am not rich.
I have to plan in advance to know the costs of my trips beforehand.

I am finding the cheapest way of traveling by talking or meeting local people and by taking the local transportation.
I have a full time job so I don’t really have the time to travel as much as other travelers I met.
I work 5 days per week and when taking holidays I never get more than 5 days off (20 per year).
By the way

On this website, you will find: Reviews of my trips, tips that can help you to travel more or less, and some funny experiences I have made while traveling.
I hope you will enjoy reading this blogg.
And maybe you will find useful information for Your own trip. So just live your life as much as you can.