Backpack to Doi Mong Jong, Chiang Mai



Backpack to Doi Mong Jong, Chiang Mai 26-27 Nov 2016

Hello, this trip I joining with other people from traveling page on facebook. You cannot go alone because you need to hire 4W car to go starting point before start to hike the mountain.

What I have to pay there ?

1. 4W car for 2 way = 1000 baht /10 people.
2. Porter carry your stuff = 30 baht per kg. (I didn’t pay for this)
3. Fee entrance 20 baht
4. We took our tents
5. I took sleeping bag
6. Fee places 50 baht
7. Minivan from Bangkok to Doi Mon Jong (We rent) around 700-900 baht / person

1.We started from Bangkok 9 pm on Friday night. So I slept in the minivan.

2. When we arrived at small village near to Doi Mong Jong in the next morning. I went to the toilet for took a shower and wash my teeth. I finished 15 minutes before someone told me 4W car was already.

3. While we taking 4W car , the road was very very rough. It was good that can make a trip more adventures

5. After 2 hours on the car. We arrived at starting point. Everyone stop there for lunch before start to hike.The distance from starting point to Tents around 5.2 km. and It was easy way to hike. In my opinion, the hardest way is the way you have to go on the mountain.
It was steep. Many times I slide but it was very funny to me and dirty too. ^^

6. I arrived at our tents and helped the others do tents. Stay awhile, then went out to catch the sunset over the mountains. I went 6-7 mountains in Thailand before. But this mountain it was very very very beautiful sunset. I spent time there on the mountain with gold light from the sun and looked the sun is going down.

7. In the next morning I did not see the sunrise. I got lazy. We started going down at 9 am. The time very fast I had a great time very much and enjoyed w make a new friends there.
By the way , If you were remember what I told you before about the hardest way. I have to tell you. It was more fun, more slides and more dirty.I was inordinately fun there.

8. We went out from there around 1 pm. Minivan still waiting us at small village where I took 4W car before. We are arrive at Bangkok in the next morning on Monday.