Khao Luang National Park , Sukohthai


Hello again and again , I would like you to know this place. You should to visit and explore there one time when you travel in Thailand. If you really love to hike the mountain like me. I recommend you to go here. This trip I have 2 friends joining my trip and 2 friends more after and I definitely love this place.


1. From bus station “Mochit” You try to find local bus name is Sukhothai Wintour (355 baht per person) Tell seller “Go to Sukhothai city” in thai “Pai Tee Sukhothai”

2. You will arrive there in the next morning then find and take local bus heading to to your hotel or your place. (Tell them where do you want to go ?)

3. There is the walking street near the river and there are many local foods and clothes too. This market will open around 4-5 pm.

4. If you want to go Khao Luang. You have to hire local bus there. It is the same local bus when you take from bus station. Normally the price is 1500 baht from the city to national park then from national park back to the city. This price for 1 car for 10 person. You can ask them and shared with others. Or you rent motorcycle from the city and drive to national park. It’s far from the city around 30 km.

5. The national park start for hike 6-7 am. There are tents,sleeping bag and sleeping pad. You can rent from customer information then staff will give you paper list. When you arrive on the top. You give paper list to staff there.

6. The distance from starting point to the top or tent point around 3.7 km. but my ipod took not 3.7 but 6 km. The way to get on the top. It was very fun and steep.

7. On the top ,there are some facilities such as instant noodles, canned food, coke , toilet and bathroom. If you want to cook they allow for make a fire near your tent. They have pot ,pan, spoon, fork and dishes. You can rent from there.

8. For sunset we went to MaeYa mountain far from your tent around 980 meters. The way to go still steep too. While you going to MaeYa mountain you will see another way to go Pa Chom Pong. There is very beautiful for take a picture and have a nice view.

9. Phuka mountain far from tent point 2.2 km. but my ipod took 3-4 km. around 2 hours.

Well , you know this place already. I hope you will visit there soon. JUST MAKE YOUR TRIP !!!!



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