Ko Sichang, Chonburi


Ko Sichang , Chonburi,Thailand
One day trip is good or stay one night is better too ^^
I spent my money for one day trip less 800 baht.

1. You can get there by mini van to Sri Racah at Victory Monument. The first mini van start 5 am.

2. When you are arrive at Ko Loy pier , you will see the boat to Ko Sichang pier and they have every hour and take your time to get there around 50 min


3. After you are arrive at Koh Sichang pier. You can rent Skylab (for 3-4 persons and have driver take you around the island) or motorcycle

4. Normally I rent motorcycle because it is easy to drive and you can take your time as much as you want to stop somewhere.Don’t need to be hurry.

5. There is only one beach you can swim. The name is Hat Tam Pang or Tam Pang beach.

6. Thing to see :
– San Jao Phaw Khao Yai (The first place you need to go before start to explore)
– Rama IV Summer Palace and Gardens (This place have many things take a look around)
– Laem Chakrapong (I really love to go here) is the north of Tam Pang beach
– Khao Noi Viewpoint

– Mini van from Victory Monument 200baht/ 2 way
– Boat ticket 100 baht /2way
– Rent motorcycle 250-300 per day
– Skylab (Tuk Tuk) half day 250-300 baht
– Hotel start 250-1500 per night