Short weekend at Vientiane Laos

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Backpack to Vientiane,Laos 7-8 Jan 2017

For this trip I paid less than 900 baht (around 26 USD)
This is how you can get there:

1.Take the train no.133 Bangkok-Nongkhai at 19.05 PM at Samsen station and you will arrive at Nongkhai around 8-9am the following morning

train station Thailand Nong khai

2.From there you can walk from NongKhai station to the Thai border which is near.

3.After walking through the Thai immigration/border you will see a counter selling bus tickets to the border of Laos.

thai laos border ticket

4.You will arrive at the Laos border after only 5 minutes. After the immigration where you must pay the fee, you will see the local bus to Talat Sao. You don’t need to pay for a taxi to Talat Sao, you don’t hurry to get there right? Because if you go out of the border you will see many people shouting, coming to speak with you: “You wanna go to talat sao by taxi?” “If you go with me I drive directly drive you there” Don´t show interest to them and just go straight to find the local bus, It will be parked in front of a mini shop.


5.The trip with the local bus to Talat Sao takes around 45-50 min if I remember right.

6.After arriving you can walk directly to the Talat Sao mall. Opposite of that mall is the bus terminal. And if you walk through Talat Sao mall you will see another road. The road leading to Patuxai

7.There are many things to see, mostly is temple.

temple laos at vientiane

8.For sleeping, I recommend you the “ Niny backpacker hotel”

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9.I went to Wat Si Saket, Patuxai, The night market near the river and That Lueng

Patuxai vientiane arc de triomphe vientiane

10.I got some help from a Couchsurfing friend there, he took me out for dinner and drove me around the city.

 street food laos vientiane

11.The last day I walked the same way to the bus terminal. You just walk back to the local bus at the same place. there are departures every hour.

12.When you arrive to the Thai border, you can directly walk back to Nong Khai station and book a ticket for the train no.134 Nong Khai – Bangkok at 18.30 or 6.30 pm, and you will arrive at Bangkok the next morning around 6.30 am.

temple in vientiane laos